Are you cruising to Cozumel, Mexico? Want to save some money at the docks? As a tourist, how do you know if the vendor or merchant is giving you the best deal? Of course you do not really know. And in the course of your day out shopping, is not it frustrating to find the same item for a lot less money?

The last time I cruised into Cozumel, I noticed some signs hidden behind the vendors' booths. What was I doing back there? I was showing one of my friends a colorful bird perched up on a ledge. Later, as we were returning to the ships, I saw the vendors getting those signs out. The signs said "Big Sale" & "Prices Slashed".

Here are two useful tips to save you money on souvenirs at Cozumel's cruise ship docks:

1) Do not buy at the shops near the docks when you come off the ship in the morning. Wait until the afternoon when people are starting to head back to the ship. At that time, you'll see the vendors putting up their "Big Sale" & "Prices Slashed" signs. They do this every day. You may notice the signs are a little worn, too.

2) Always always make an offer or bid on the things you're interested in buying. In Latin America, bargaining is a way of buying things in the marketplaces or from street vendors.

You might be thinking "but the prices are already low to start with". Sure the merchant would be happy to take your money at full price, but have some fun, and enjoy yourself. Every seller has a lowest price that they'll part with an item for, so do not worry about paying too little for an item.

Source by Steve Dasseos

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