Cozumel Mexico has been a prime vacation destination for some time now and once you get there you will quickly see why. However; there are a few things that you will want to keep in mind before you had out to any location in Mexico on a vacation, including Cozumel.

Off Season Bargains

Beware of bargain rate, off season vacation packages, for one big reason. That is because the pictures on the brochure do not show the heat and the humidity. If you do not mind sweltering heat and humidity you can cut with a knife then go for it, because everything is a bargain in the off season in all the Mexican resort areas.

Still Great Prices

Perhaps you have heard of $ 1 taxi rides, 50 cent cocktails and mounding plates of sweet, delicious giant shrimp for $ 1.50. If you have, you can rest assured that the person who told you this visited Mexico back in the 1970s or 80s. Sure, there are still awesome deals, but not like that any more. Also, if you are planning on staying at one of the modern hotel resorts in a place like Cabo, do not be shocked when you find the prices on food and drinks are even higher then in the states.

Travel Light

Do yourself a favor and travel light. Casual light dress is the norm andides, its a lot more comfortable. Also, think twice before you pack expensive jewelry or video equipment and never leave anything in your hotel room that you would not mind being stolen. This rule particularly applies if you are styling in any of the cut rate hotels or motels.

Its Not Disneyland

While you are vacationing in Mexico never lose sight of the fact that you are in a foreign country, not Disneyland. For the most part, a $ 20- $ 30 bribe will cover any minor scrapes that a tourists can find themselves in with the local cops, but that does not mean that someone can do whatever they please. Be respectful of the local laws and remember that many an American tourist who could not hold their booze has found themselves enjoying their vacation from a roach infested Mexican jail cell.

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