One of the most appealing things about Playa Del Carmen is the convenience of the proxies between the main drag and the beach. In fact one can easily go down to the beach and within less than five minutes be walking around the main drag enjoying the delicacies. One such example is Playa El Faro, or The Lighthouse Beach, which is located just a few steps from 5th Avenue between 8th and 10th streets. Aptly named after a large lighthouse located right on the beach, this tiny slice of paradise has plenty of room for you to lie down and enjoy a little sunbathing. What can be more indulging than soaking up some sun rays while lying on the bare thick and white sand, maybe even allowing the fresh, turquoise water to touch your toes … ahhh! As you can see from the tour, there's a water sports rental shop on the beach. Can having fun in the sun be any handier? In fact, I recommend you look for Jaime's Marina which offers friendly and excellent service when it comes to snorkeling and sailing.

If you're not staying in one of the beach-front hotels, do not worry! These beach-front hotel offer services to the public regardless if you're a guest or not. Some of their services include renting chairs and umbrellas. Feel free to enjoy a drink or a snack in one of these hotel's restaurants and bars. During the day, these hotels allow you to make use of their showers, pools, and lockers. Talk about excellent service!

Cozumel Ferry Entrance

One of the primary attractions in Playa Del Carmen is the ferry. The ferry is located at the pier that is at the end of Calle 1 Sur (south 1st street). Upon arriving you'll note that there are only two ferry services, UltraMar and Mexico Water Jets. Just so you know, both services offer the same prices but different different departure times. So where does this ferry take you? It takes you to Isla Cozumel, which is an island renown for its coral reefs, Chankanaab National Park, and Punta Sur Ecological Reserve. The majority of this island is a protected area. The ferry ride takes about thirty minutes to and thirty minutes back. A little advice would be to only purchase a one-way ticket, that way you're not constrained due to the scheduled departure time of your return ticket. Also notice that the ferry companies do not accept each other's tickets, which is another reason to purchase a one-way ticket instead of round-trip.

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