Cozumel is one of the most popular destinations in Mexico and if you have been looking into crises then you may have heard a lot about it. Cozumel is an Island that is located in the Mexican state of Quintana Roo in the south of the country. That is the same state where you will find Cancun and Playa del Carmen. There are however things that make Cozumel different to those other locations and they are a big part of why you should choose to stay there as opposed to staying in the larger international destinations.

Less Crowded

One of the largest benefits of a Mexican beach vacation is that you get to relax; unfortunately that is not always the case when you head to Cancun. The reason is that Cancun has grown into a party town rather than a great location to relax. If you are arriving in Cozumel via cruise ship then you will see crowds as you arrive, but the Island has spots where relaxation is possible. If you rent a scooter or a car and you head east of the island you will be seeing many beautiful beaches where in many cases you will not see many people. It is possible to find stretches of beaches where you can take in the sun all by yourself.

Mayan Ruins

When people visit Cancun or anywhere in the state of Quintana Roo the first thing that they think of is to head to Chichen Itza to get the Mayan experience. You should visit Chichen Itza if you like archaeology, but you can also visit San Gervasio right in the middle of the island. San Gervasio is a smaller Mayan ruins complex which is located right in Cozumel and not too many people know about it. Cozumel is also close to Tulum which is located inland. While in your trip to Tulum you can also appreciate more ruins right from the beach. You can go into the Tulum site if you like, but nothing beats the view of the ruins while you are at the beach.


There are several places in the Riviera Maya where you can go scuba diving, but they do not get much better than Cozumel. The fact that you are in an island makes diving a lot better, not to mention that the waters are calm enough to do so. The centric location in the state means that you could also go to other locations for diving such as Playa del Carmen (which you can reach by ferry) or Isla Mujeres. Any of those locations can give you a scuba diving experience that you will never forget. The Mexican beaches of Cozumel could have been enough to satisfy your diving needs.


There is a lot of shopping to be done in Cozumel, but if that is not enough then simply take the ferry and you will be right on the middle of Playa del Carmen's shopping district. You can choose to pay in pesos or dollars when you are in the area, but you are more likely to get a better price if you pay in the local currency. Either way you will be paying very little money for your souvenirs. If Playa del Carmen is not enough for you, then Cancun is a short bus ride away.

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