We have visited Cozumel, Mexico via cruise ship many times and one of our favorite Carnival shore excursions is Chankanaab National Park. There is something for everyone at this amazing park. They offer snorkeling, diving, adult and children’s pools, swim with dolphins, as well as a very relaxing nature trail. They also have clean bathrooms, a restaurant and a gift shop. There is also a shallow part of the beach that is perfect for children. There also is a pretty neat sea lion show for children.

The whole place did not seem crowded at all in June. Plenty of spots open on the beach and some have a palapa at no extra charge. We chose to go to the park on our own and not book directly via Carnival Cruise Excursions. The cab ride is only ten minutes and the cost is $10 for a taxi each way. Beach chairs and umbrellas are also provided with the cost of admission. The current entrance fee is $20.

The snorkeling at Chankanaab is simply breathtaking. The entrance to the water can be a little difficult because you go down rock steps into the ocean, where there are some pretty good waves. We viewed some amazing fish right away and the water was crystal clear. There is also some underwater relics to view while diving or snorkeling. You can rent snorkel gear at the beach for $10.

The restaurant at the park is surprisingly good. We had some an amazing combo platter along with some ice cold beer.

The nature trail is good fun for anyone. There are many entrances to the trail, but the main one is the best as it is surrounded by an amazing saltwater pond. The pond has some amazing fish and is some of the clearest water I have ever seen. You will see many Iguanas and Geckos on your hike. There also are some authentic Mayan ruins as well as some reproductions. Tons of amazing tropical plants and flowers will greet you on your walk.

The park also offers a swim with dolphins’ package. Your get to spend over an hour in the water with the dolphins and then you can go into the area where the manatees are.

Source by Mike Chastain

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