Plan your next vacation where many people call paradise … Playa Del Carmen. Playa, as the locals call it, is a beach-side city located on the coast of the Caribbean Sea. Visitought after locations such as Cancun, Cozumel and Tulum all within close proximity to this central hub of the Yucatan Peninsula known as Playa Del Carmen.

Playa del Carmen is HAPPENING! Experience the unique cuisine, culture and nightlife of this wonderful area. This town has boomed and is better now than it's ever been. The number and quality of businesses has increased to keep pace with it's growing popularity. Water sports available in Playa include swimming, kayaking, snorkeling, scuba diving, sailing, fishing, para-sailing, sky diving and more …

Playa's underwater world maintains its magic of being a young scuba diving destination in an almost virgin environment. The almost continuous presence of seawater streams, due to the tunnel-like effect between Playa and Cozumel Island, together with the large reef extension, makes it a suitable place for drift diving, yet another option highly praised by scuba divers for its comfort and safety as well as for the intense seabed that can be explored.

The wildly popular 5th Avenue is the main street that runs parallel to the ocean and is only about 500 meters from the water. In between the water and 5th hotels, Bed & Breakfasts, Inns, Rentals, Timeshares, and restaurants. It is commonly referred to as, "Playa del Carmen's Pedestrian Walkway".

Along 5th Avenue you will find numerous stores selling interesting items as well as numerous wonderful restaurants and hotels. There are clothing stores selling the latest trends from Europe as well as Cuban Cigar and Rum stores. It is a vibrant atmosphere reminiscent of a carnival and the nightlife is full of energy and excitment. You will often see live lions, fire breathers, giant boa constrictors and a cavalcade of characters parading down 5th.

You generally fly into the Cancun airport and then transfer on into Playa. The best transfer service in the area is run by Tello Garcia at Tello can also assist with many fun day trips to Tulum to see the amazing ruins, the wonderful eco-park at Xcaret and the largest natural aquarium in the world at XelHa.

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