Over twenty two million people visit the country of Mexico each year, and some will travel to the Zona Rosa which is the touristy part of Mexico City that has lots of nightlife, and upscale dining selections. Others will want a beachfront vacation that will allow for fun in the sun. College students always seem to gravitate toward Cozumel or Cancun, and it is quite a wild time for most who want to drink and party all night long. Actually there are dozens of beach type communities in Mexico that depend on a solid tourist trade to survive each year, but there is one that few know about, and that is a good thing for you.

This slice of paradise is located about one hour and twenty minutes south of the Cancun Airport, and has the timeless appearance of what Mexican vacations were like back in the mid 1960s. Tulum Mexico offers a scenic vacation that inspire artist, and give strength and opportunity for writers. If there is a person with any way of expressing themselves through any type of artistic media, Tulum will energize their spirits, and give them cause for expressing themselves.

If you are looking for a wild party type vacation then stay in Cancun, because renting the cabanas Tulum offers is more for the realistic, and mature crowd that appreciate the peace and quiet that no other community in the Caribbean offers. There are a couple of places to eat the local fare, and drink margaritas to have a good time, but parking one's body on the beach facing the greatest view of Tankah bay is where the real sizzle of the vacation will take place.

If there is a need to do anything along rebuilding the spirit and mind from the peacefulness of the area, then touring the Mayan Tulum ruins will be one way of having an activity for the day. Also, hiring a fishing boat to catch dinner is another option, but hitting the local grocery store really quickly will be best, as this allow the vacationer to get back to beach and bay watching.

There are also several opportunities to have yoga classes right on the beach, and a few resorts even offer weight loss or workout book camps to get back into shape if that is needed.

Just enjoying the smiles, sounds, and panoramic views from the front of a villa or casita will be enough to become solely addicted to vacationing in Tulum, Mexico for the rest of person's life. But with good news there is always the bad, and with the future construction of the Tulum airport, this will become a tourist trap in about five years, so hurry before things change into a commercialize mess.

Source by Jon Sterling

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