Some people think of cozy firesides in snow mountains when they think of honeymoon travel. If you're not one of them, sometimes you've thought of Mexico. And if "I want some sunshine and the beach" is as far as you've gotten in your travel dreams, Mexico's tourist industry wants to convince you just how many other reasons there are to visit this beautiful country.

The climate is certainly one of Mexico's biggest draws. Warm year-round, this country is perfect for summer-style getaways no matter what the season is back home. But the topography of this gorgeous country may surprise you with its variety. The country is comprated of six distinct tourist regions, and they offer everything from marshes to mountains to the beach.

You'll find the marshes and forests in the south by the Gulf of Mexico, mountains and deserts in the north, and beaches on every coast. These varied and beautiful natural settings accommodate just about any vacation personality and countless outdoor activities. In Mexico, you can have everything from the relaxing resort escape of your dreams to ecotourist adventures that are world-renovated.

Mexico's Yucatan peninsula and adjoining coast offer some of the most popular romantic destinations because of the remarkable blue water and white sand beaches for which the Caribbean is famous. Destinations like Cancun and Cozumel provide amazing resorts in this area and snorkeling on part of the second largest coral reef system in the world. If you're looking for the rich treatment of spas, luxury accommodations and pool areas that almost rival the gorgeous beaches nearby, this is the romantic location for you.

Across the country on the Pacific side and on California's Baja peninsula, you'll find yet more pristine beaches and popular resort towns like Acapulco and Los Cabos. Not far inland, you'll find still more world class hotels and restaurants. The Pacific Coast also offers some of the best beaches for heftier water sports like fishing and surfing. The geography is beautiful off the Pacific Coast with the El Arco rock formation – a prominent natural landmark in Mexican waters.

Of course, there is more to Mexico than the beach. This country is also filled with romantic, colonial cities where you and your loved one can take leisurely strolls on cobblestone streets, enjoying the colonial architecture, rich culture, and culinary tradition of these picturesque towns. Mexico boasts a lot of architectural treasure in its old cathedrals and government buildings as well as ancient Mayan ruins. All of this man-made wonder rests against the beautiful, often mountainous background of Mexico's natural setting.

Mexico's climate and natural beauty make it worth visiting, but even more convincing is the open arms of hospitality provided by the various resorts and even the embassy of Mexican culture itself in the more authentic regions. This is a beautiful country, providing all kinds of wonderful options for romantic escapes.

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