Puerto Vallarta is located on the west central coast of Mexico by the Bay of Banderas. It is a popular tourist destination for its marina, whale watching, golf and very pleasant climate during the winter. Hurricanes are a rarity with the last major one in October 2002 when hurricane Kenna made landfall just to the north of Puerto Vallarta. Most tropical storms and hurricanes move to the west of bringing only fringe effects.

Puerto Vallarta has a short but intense wet season. Most of the year is dry with many months not receiving any or very little rainfall. The wet season begins in June and continues through mid October. During the months of July, August, and September, ten or more inches of rain may occur. The rain is the result of thunderheads building over the Mexican mountains, many times during the evening or overnight. Occidentally, a tropical storm or hurricane may be close enough to the coast to bring rain also.


Puerto Vallarta has mild to warm temperatures much of the year with its tropical climate. Average highs during the summer top out in the low 90's. The lows drop only the mid 70's. The winter has comfortable conditions with highs near 80 each day on average. The overnight lows typically are in the low 60's.

Travel Weather Summary
Puerto Vallarta has a dry climate most of the year. Winter is especially pleasant. Vacationers wanting to minimize their chances of seeing rain should travel outside of the 4 month month wet season which starts in June and continues through mid October. Although hurricanes are rare, travelers are advised to stay updated with latest tropical weather information if traveling during the eastern Pacific hurricane season.

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