While living in the beachfront may be considered a luxury by many, the possibility of buying property in Mexico and enjoying a high standard of life (whether on the beachfront or in an old colonial city) at a low cost is actually within reach of many people . Living in Mexico can actually be a solution to help you balance cutting costs and living better. A few the advantages of living in Mexico include:

1. Many options in Mexico Properties – If you want cheap, you can find a reasonable property for under $ 50,000 USD; If you want luxury, beautiful condos and homes offering the highest quality of life are readily available – while they're much higher up on the price range, they're still much cheaper than similar properties in the US

2. Low Cost of Life – You will notice savings in many expenses, including groceries, large-ticket purchases, utility bills, group outings, etc. Some world-class luxuries (like PGA golf) will cost you the same as back home, but your budget will have more room to play with, and allow for some splurging.

3. High Quality Health Care , less expensive – The good news is that world-class health care will not cost you the same. You will see savings from 50-70% on medication and medical service, which has been ranked on par with that of the US

4. Beaches – Mexico has some of the world's most famous beaches, not to mention the most beautiful. Soft, sandy beaches stretch out for miles and miles …

5. Highly Developed Infrastructure – The old stereotype of a rickety bus flying down mountain roads that seem barely wide enough is just that – an old stereotype. While certain parts of the country still offer adventures like this, most areas now enjoy modern express ways, excellent roads, new bridges, marinas and modern shopping centers, making life convenient and easy.

These are only a few of the benefits of living in Mexico, and there are many others that you will discover for yourself as you make this wonderful country your new home!

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Source by Thomas Luis Lloyd

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