The Punta Cana underwater world makes for exceptional snorkeling and diving into incredibly clear waters and a variety of colorful marine life. The entire country is listed as one of the top diving locations in the Caribbean. A Punta cana snorkeling tour can be booked along your holiday plan or you may wish to book one while on holiday. The dive operators Punta Cana boasts of a combination of snorkeling, diving and a variety of activities that includes midday lounges on the amazing white-sanded beaches to excursions to the Isla Saona. Amongst the top dive operators Punta Cana offers, the following listed below are a must as they satisfy the need of beginners to professionals alike.

Punta Cana Snorkel Excursion:

If you have never snorkeled before then you should consider an introductory trip with this excursion cruise. Although they may be short, say a ninety minutes duration but your benefits includes:

  1. An introduction to the popular water sport
  2. A cruise to shallow reefs protected from the ocean for an introduction to underwater life.
  3. An introduction to the use of snorkeling equipments alongside a guide.

Choose a date you hope to embark on your holiday and place your booking. This cruise departs from hotels around Riu.

Catalina Island Snorkeling cruise:

This cruise cruise allows you discover untouched beauty of the island of Catalina as you snorkel and dive off amazing coral reef. The dive operators help you enjoy:

  1. Snorkeling in the best underwater view as the boat will anchor directly over a coral reef,
  2. Snorkeling equipments are available on board for free, although diving may incur additional cost.
  3. As it is a 9 hr cruise, lunch is provided on the white beach of the Island. Beverages are available all through the trip.

Most departures for this tour are around the Riu area, check your accessibility to the area. Otherwise, you can use a shuttle bus that runs the Barcelo Bavaro area.

Bavaro afternoon cruise:

This is a brief two hour tour towards the late afternoon time of the day. You can capture the beauty of the blue water even as the cool breeze fills the air. You should depart Punta Cana, cruising along the coastline with a magnificent view of the ocean. You are provided with a variety of snacks and drinks as you sail in the wind watching the day creep into the night. It makes for an amazing day in paradise.

Caribbean Festival Snorkel Cruise:

About 3-4 hours cruise culminating in an unforgivable day snorkeling, cruising and dancing along the Bavaro coastline. Amongst the benefit on this trip are;

  1. Snorkeling at a popular site known for sightings of sharks and rays.
  2. Snorkeling through the warm waters for a perfect introduction to the colorful marine life of the Caribbean.
  3. A light refreshment and dance show awaits you aboard. You should join up!

This cruise offers quite an extended variety that ranges from a cruise along the Bavaro coastline to snorkeling the clear waters, hotel pick up to a Caribbean dance show. I highly recommend this.

Catamaran Cruise to Saona Island from Punta Cana:

The coconut palms, white sandy beaches and crystal clear turquoise waters in Sanoa island makes your holiday a beautiful experience. You have ten hours to enjoy the trip which begins with a bus ride to the dock where you board and begin the journey. Part of excitements are:

  1. Spending sufficient time lounging on the beach sands, playing beach games entertained by dance troops.
  2. Another stop is the Natural pool lagoon with starfishes in abundance.
  3. Proceed to Sanoa Island on a speed boat
  4. A barbecued lunch served buffet-style under the palm trees awaits you.
  5. After which you can indulge in whatever leisurely you can think of. I suggest you arrange one suggest you embark on the cruise. Although there is quite a lot still to do out there. It is never a dull moment.

The journey back is merrier as you are grateful to an open bar. For your convenience, hotel pick up is available from most Punta Cana hotels.

There are competitive dive operators Punta Cana prides in, a snorkeling experience is satisfactorily achieved with these Punta Cana snorkeling tours and cruises. If you are new to snorkeling they are perfect. A professional may as well function as an expert or the "look up to" kind of person among the crew, so it still makes for fun.

Source by Alexia Mcclurking

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