Do you want to experience a more exciting holidays this time? Well, if you want to experience this kind of holiday this year then set off to Antigua. This island is the largest among the Leeward Islands and it is located in the eastern part of the Caribbean. Antigua's stretch is only 14 miles and 11 miles broad. But regardless of its small dimension, this is listed on top of the world's most wonderful places to visit. The weather is downright incredible and you really have to go there to believe it. The temperatures typically usually go from the average 20s during winter and 30s during summer months. What's more, the humidity inn the island is low through the year, so, the weather is truly fantastic. And this is one reason why you can visit and have fun in any of the resorts in Antigua at any time of the year.

Moreover, even with its size, the island boasts of 365 beaches. These beaches have their own characteristics so each of them has something distinctive to give to their guests, but all of them are simply amazing.

The island's rich culture and heritage just add up to the wonderful things that Antigua can offer to all its visitors. And because, the region is recognized to have some of the best hotels in the whole world, your trip to Antigua will certainly be memorable as well as full of activities.

Nonetheless, the music, calypso bands, the magnificent sunset, and breathtaking views make up the ideal picture for you to treasure your Antigua getaway forever. The area is also packed with restaurants, resorts, and great nightlife.

The Antigua Island is a superb mix of volcanic rock, limestone, and coral that is why the atmosphere there is sort of an old world feel. Also, because of that unique composition of the island, you are sure to see lush rainforests and picturesque mountains. Furthermore, its nearby island, the Barbuda further gains its substance.

Now, when it comes to the things to do and sights to see while on vacation in Antigua, on top of the list is the English Harbor National Park. It also covers the Shirley heights and Nelson's Dockyard, two other remarkable areas where the island's history is very evident.

If you want a little adventure, try the Shirley Heights and you will enjoy your day. Safari companies are also available to bring you to a guided tour in the old villages and historical ruins where you will learn more about the origin of the land.

On the other hand, if you favor visiting these places by driving yourself around the vicinity, do not forget to drop by the rainforest trail including Betty's Hope and Fig Tree Drive. Another option for sight-seeing is to join a full day trip to Barbuda coming from Antigua and you can have the benefit of the two trips.

Even so, the gorgeous Antigua beaches are still the focus of attention for the majority of the visitors. And as mentioned before, every beach has something different to offer so the best way to discover the uniqueness of each beach is to hop from one beach to another.

Finally, if you are looking to have a relaxing time by the shoreline of Antigua, the most excellent place for you is the Pigeon Point. And remember, so that you will not miss the important spot in the area, be sure that the national park and Long Bay beach is part of your itinerary.

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