Alaska cruises are extremely popular, thanks to a landscape that presents breathtaking beauty and natural wonders on a grand scale. The Last Frontier’s majestic landscape is perhaps best viewed on Alaska cruises, especially for first-time visitors. When selecting your cruise there are some things you need to consider. These cruises are virtually all 7 days, with a few exceptions. For a more in-depth experience you can choose an Alaska Cruise Tour, which adds a land portion to your cruise. Cruise tours are usually 10 to 12 days long, including the cruise, but there are tours as long as three weeks.

Big ship Alaska cruises are like staying in floating cities. They have casinos, health clubs, movie theaters, restaurants, lounges and plenty of live entertainment. They are quite luxurious. Princess Cruises is one of the major players in the Alaska cruise industry. They have four cruise ships that service Alaska. They are the Coral Princess, Diamond Princess, Island Princess and Sapphire Princess. Holland America cruises tend to appeal to older travelers. Their ships have a traditional feel with service to match. Their Alaska ships are the Ryndam, the Statendam and the Veendam. Several other major cruise lines service Alaska. They include Carnival Cruises, Celebrity Cruises and Royal Caribbean Cruise Line.

Small Ship Alaska Cruises:

If you would like a more intimate cruise experience, consider a small ship. Many small cruise lines focus on special interests like bird watching or glaciers. Scientists often accompany the cruises to put the sights into perspective. Small ships can get to places that the big ships can’t go. They also have a lot more flexibility with their schedule. Small ship captains will often ask their passengers what they want to see or where they want to go. Small ships cruises can cost more than the big ships. They also have fewer comforts and amenities. However, if you care more about getting up close and personal with the nature of Alaska than you do about being pampered, then small ship cruises may be for you.

Princess cruises offer a panoramic perspective of the wonders of nature. Monumental glaciers are nature’s draw and Alaska’s waterways reveal more of these thrilling Ice Age giants than anywhere else on earth. Alaska’s Inside Passage is one of the most scenic sea-lanes in the world, home to bald eagles, whales, sea lions, otters, brown bears, mountain goats and flocks of seabirds. Plus you’ll visit a variety of flavorful ports of call full of rich history and native culture.

Holland America Cruises allow you to watch whales breach and eagles soar as you spend a whole day in Glacier Bay National Park. You travel through Alaska’s sublime beauty and frontier ports in unsurpassed luxury and comfort. On Holland America Line’s spectacular 7-day Alaska cruise vacations you get a greater selection of Alaska cruise itineraries than any other cruise line. Holland America is the only cruise line to offer Glacier Bay National Park on all three major cruise itineraries. And their spacious, mid-size ships carry fewer guests ensuring quiet corners and unfettered views.

When To Go On Alaska Cruises:

The most popular time to go on Alaska cruises is June, July and August. This is when the weather is warmest in Alaska. Expect to pay the most for cruises during this time. May and September are the shoulder season. The weather is less predictable but the Gulf of Alaska is still accessible to big cruise ships. You can get better prices during the shoulder season. A few small cruise ships sail in April. It can still be very cold during April and the beginning of May. Consider this when you book your cruise.

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