A few years ago, only the rich people could afford to jet in and out of the country for vacation. That left the rest of the population stuck at home dreaming of bright blue skies and even brighter colored tropical drinks to be enjoyed while sitting on a towel or brilliant white sand and staring at the turquoise blue ocean in one of Mexico's amazing beaches.

Luckily today, travel is no longer just for the rich and the rich and famous, ordinary Joes like you and your neighbors can also enjoy worry-free vacations like these by getting an all inclusive Mexico trip. Oh yes, imagine a vacation where you just plunk down the money, choose you activities and hotel while everything is arranged and paid for you. Now that is great way to relieve yourself of stress. So if you want to go to Mexico there are some key places that you might want to check out; these places come very highly recommended by tourists and tourist guides alike so you know you will not go wrong. One place worth visiting is Cancun; a sinfully luxurious retreat is very easily accessible by air with as much as 80 flights a day coming from different states by different airlines. All inclusive Cancun vacation packages give you great value for your buck, it stays sunny all year round and you get amazing ocean views.

Another great vacation spot is Cozumel where the more active vacation goers can enjoy scuba-diving, deep-sea fishing and a host of other water sports. The island center remains undeveloped and the intrepid hiker can visit several reserves. Next place where you can consider spending your all inclusive Mexico is Acapulco. This city is branded as one of the most exciting cities in the world. Here you can enjoy amazing beach views, more water sports, luxurious hotels and lip-smacking gourmet food. Of course these three places are not all there is to Mexico, another place worth mentioning Boca del Rio Vera Cruz where you can get amazing seafood along with sunny beaches and warm ocean water. All inclusive vacations to Mexico should not just be limited to when you have free time. Just married? Why not get an all inclusive Mexico honeymoon? You can do worse than spend time in these great places.

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