Are you a Canadian thinking of buying a recreational property? If so, you are part of growing number of buyers in Canada; according to experts the market is heating up again, and more buyers are becoming interested. However, a brief review of some statistics will show you that instead of looking in Canada, you might do better taking a look at some beachfront Mexico real estate.

While a lakefront cottage or a summer home on one of BC's famous islands costs less than before before the recession, a comparison of prices will show you that you get more for your money if consider an option like Puerto Vallarta real estate, on Mexico's Pacific coast .

The price range in Canada starts at the $ 105,000 CDN in Newfoundland's coast, moving up to $ 750,000 on Saltspring Island in BC (and this is a fixer-upper that you'll have to invest another fortune into), up to almost $ 12 million for a home in the Laurantian Mountains in Quebec. The lowest starting prices for a recreational home are in Sylvan Lake Alberta at $ 1.2 million. These prices are lower than in 2008, but are on their way up again.

Now compare this to some Puerto Vallarta MLS properties. Compare to that property in Newfoundland, $ 115,000 US (the prices hear are USD, but the difference is minimal these days) will get you a beautiful condo on the holiday in complex, with a pool, easy access to the beach and many services nearby. What would you prefer? Newfoundland's coast – yes, it's beautiful, but how does compare to white beaches in a warm climate?

Compared to Saltspring Island, $ 699,000 will buy a beautiful luxury home with a pool, elegant design, and careful landscaping, in Marina Vallarta, a upscale community, close to the beach, excellent shopping, golf, and, of course the Marina; or for $ 720,000 US you can get a brand new 3000 sq. ft. luxury condo in the heart of downtown, directly on the beachfront. And for $ 1,000,000 you can get a beautiful spacious home overlooking a prestigious golf course, with an awe-inspiring mountain view.

These are only a handful of examples for comparison. Generally speaking, Puerto Vallarta gives you a few things that vacation homes in Canada do not. Number one is perhaps warm weather all year round, and a lifestyle right next some of the most beautiful beaches in the world, stretching out for miles and miles. These homes and condos provide great vacations at any time of year, not just in the winter or summer – many vacation homes in Canada are season-focused and do not offer much for the rest of the year. In Puerto Vallarta, when your home or condo is not in use, you can easily rent it out to other vacationers. This practice has provided a significant income for many vacation home owners, helping to balance the cost of ownership.

If you are Canadian considering a vacation home, consider Puerto Vallarta. Besides offering a warm, beachfront lifestyle, in this top Mexico location you'll generally get more for your money.

Source by Thomas Luis Lloyd

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