As the summer winds to close, families who have not taken their much-needed vacations are scrambling to make plans. Planning a vacation that everyone will enjoy can be more painful than an appointment with the dentist. However, there is a solution to this common dilemma. Carnival Sensation Cruises offers affordable packages for the entire family. The thought of sailing on the warm waters of the Caribbean Sea may be just the ticket.

A stellar name in the cruise industry, Carnival offers vacations aboard their flagship, the Sensation. This luxurious ocean liner has everything that adults and children could wish for on a family vacation. There are water slides, video games, rooms with toys designed for children between the ages of two and 12. This room provides constant supervision by childcare professionals, so that the adults can have their fun too. Teenagers can hang out in a lounge designed just for them. There they can dance the evening away, or participate in karaoke contests.

Adults can find a sanctuary of their very own. A few hours away from the kids can make an awkward harrowing vacation experience much more tolerable. Many attractions are fun for the whole family. Miniature golf, swimming, magic shows and many other forms of live entertainment are available on the Sensation. The food is gourmet quality and the dinners are elegant and fun. There are spas and a gym for the exercise enthusiasts, but relaxing on a sun deck is always one of the most popular pastimes on the ship.

Carnival Sensation Cruises offers three and four night vacation packages with several fantastic deals. The ship embarks from Orlando Florida and sails to the island of Nassau in the Bahamas. Contacting a vacation representative to discuss the various prices and packages is a good first step in finding a deal. Many Internet sites offer discounts on Carnival cruises as well. Anyone traveling on the high seas during hurricane season should consider the weather forecast prior to departure. Vacation insurance may be a good purchase for cruise travelers anytime of year. This can prevent monetary losses due to unforeseen circumstances such as cancellations, sudden illnesses and many other reasons that a vacation can not be completed. Carnival has an official website that discusses many of the features found within the bulkheads of their beautiful ocean liners. Their cruising policies can also be found there. With a bit of research and time, the family vacation of a lifetime can become a reality.

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