It's not just Mexico, as there is a flurry of announcements in the early part of 2010 from various countries and sources. All are making plans or announcing investments in Mexico's infrastructure. Projects will impact highways, ports, waterworks, airports and resort development.

• Australian investment fund, Macquarie Group, announced in January the launch of a new $ 408 million fund to make massive investment in Mexico infrastructure. Focusing on Mexican infrastructure opportunities, it's the largest managed fund in Latin America, and will target investment in roads and rail, water and wastewater, ports and airports, energy and utilities, as well as social communications infrastructure. The Macquarie Mexican Infrastructure Fund was launched with:
* $ 59 million of founder money
* $ 81 million from the Mexican Government
* $ 268 million from Mexican pension funds

• In January, local media in the Riviera Maya reported that Spanish construction company OHL is planning to build a new luxury marina in the Riviera Maya. A spokesman for OHL said that they are working with hotels and real estate developers at the Mayakoba project near Playa del Carmen in the Riviera Maya. The project consists of five 5 star resorts.

• OHL is also continuing plans to develop the El Jesusito real estate project on 988 acres of land next to the Mayakoba project. The project will include condos, a golf course, and a residential area for employees.

• Mexico's National Infrastructure Fund was created by Mexican President Felipe Calderon to drive investment in roads, bridges, trains, water treatment and other infrastructure projects. The fund supports private investment, and is authorized to invest more than $ 2.37 billion in 42 projects in 2010.

Frederico Patino, director of the fund Fonadin says: "The message is that projects will not be eliminated because of a lack of funding." He joined the infrastructure fund in 2008. The focus of these investments is on the major routes and tourism areas in order to boost local economies and real estate markets as well.

• Just announced in mid-March 2010, it is expected that a $ 240 million investment will be made in development of the new Tulum International Airport. It's still only planning, as a great deal of organization must happen first, but there is confidence in this project's ultimate success.

If this massive activity in a cooperative effort of private investment and government to improve infrastructure in Mexico continues, it could begin to stimulate the real estate markets in the country for decades.

Source by Tony Osust

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