Adult vacations can take a number of different forms, but cruises are among the most popular type. This is because American laws do not apply in international waters. This means that cruise lines can be much more permissive when it comes to what they do and do not allow on their ships. For some, this is a dream scenario. If you're thinking about taking a significant other on such an adventure or just want to check it out on your own, here are some of the types of cruises you're going to encounter. By knowing your options, you'll be able to make an informed choice about which one is right for you.

Water Only
Not all cruise ships have a destination in mind. Many are just designed to allow their guests to sail the open seas, only to return to the original port after a determined length of time. In fact, many of the adult vacations you find will be of this type, seeing as how the design of the trip is to escape restrictive laws regarding nudity and sexuality. Do not worry about getting bored. Even the cheapest cruise ships have enough activities on board to keep you busy and happy for at least a week.

Some adult vacations will take you on both a cruise and to a destination. Sometimes these destinations are the same general areas frequented by many cruise lines and sometimes they are specifically for a special audience. Trips to Hedonism, for instance, fall into the latter category, while a trip to Cozumel might fall into the former. Either way, these cruises offer an excellent opportunity to see a place that you might otherwise have never gone. Some offer tour guides as part of the package, ensuring you see all the sights.

Party Cruise
If you are interested in adult vacations that really take the shackles off, you'll be looking for a party boat. These cruises are all about the fun and there are very few restrictions standing between you and a good time. Nudity, flowing alcohol, gambling, and adult oriented entertainment ensuring that you will not feel like you're on just another cruise. Of course, if the party ever ever gets to a bit much, you can always escape back to your cabin for a little downtime before you resume the festivals.

Whichever type of cruise you choose, make sure you do some research before signing up for a trip. Any cruise line can make themselves sound fantastic in their own literature. Depend on those who have actually experienced it to give you the straight dope.

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