All year round, Mexico is booming with life. This is because every month, a town or even the whole country celebrates a fiesta, a celebration in commemoration of a past but highly significant event, in thanksgiving for their patron saint, or in remembering important people in their history. These are also one of the best times to visit the country, since they never run out of trade fairs, bazaars, concerts, games, and other activities that will surely keep you busy during your entire stay.

Marking the Calendars

Here are some Mexican festivals that you do not want to miss out:

Cozumel Carnival. This town in Mexico is known as a premiere diving spot; however, even the streets are filled with happy people during January because of Cozumel Carnival. It's basically composed of three elements: parties, street parades, and carnivals. You can see plenty of Mexicans and tourists crowding the streets, donning their most elaborate or flashing costumes while dancing to the beat of the drums. Schools, various organizations, and almost every household in the municipality would participate in the week-long event.

Todos Santos Festival of the Arts. In February, you can head to Todos Santos in Baja California Sur, where you can observe people getting artsy, creative, and innovative. At this time of the year, they are busy preparing for their arts festival, where they can showcase all their artwork in different forms. This would normally last for a week. You may not join in the paintings or hold your own exhibits, but you can watch live concerts and art shows, as well as participate in various art workshops and handicraft demonstrations.

Noche de Brujas. The first week of March may turn Catemaco, Mexico, into a dark town, as they celebrate the Night of the Witches, or Noche de Brujas. You can find shamans, fortune tellers, healers, and spiritualists all crow the streets, dancing or possibly intimidating anyone who may not be so used into looking at their appearance. Neverheless, this is also the best time to explore other Mexican activities, such as palm or card reading or healing sessions. You can ask for advice from them concerning your personal problems.

Fun Ride from Rosarito to Ensanada. If Europe has Tour de France, Mexico has Rosarito-Ensenada Fun Ride, where there will be more than 7,000 cyclists who would travel the 50-mile stretch. They will usually start from Rosarito Beach until they can finish their trip at Ensanada. A fiesta will soon follow from noon until sunset at the waterfront. You can be an onlooker, or you can participate the ride.

One Important Tip: Because of the popularity of these festivals, there are thousands of people who would get themselves book in hotels, such as Grupo Mayan. You may want to reserve a room beforehand to ensure that you can have your own accommodation once you arrive. You can also take advantage of much lower rates and even discounted deals just by booking yourself or your family and friends real early.

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