In order to keep your snorkel gear in optimum shape, you need to give it a little TLC. Don’t worry, it’s not that complicated and it will ensure that your snorkel gear will last for years of enjoyment. So let’s cover the maintenance of the Fins.

The Diver Fins, more or less like the snorkel mask and snorkel, are very easy to maintain. A simple rinse in fresh water after using in salt water or chlorine pool would be all you need to do to keep it in good working order for many years. Of course, make sure to store it in a cool dry place and away from direct sunlight.

Fins are the most abused item of your snorkel gear. Usually from the first use, they become scratched and start to look old very quickly. So there are a few things we want to remember while using and storing them. The first thing is, do not store them in an upright position (unless you have some kind of support to maintain them straight) especially with the fin blade down. With time, this will tend to make the fin blade lose its straight shape. Don’t place any heavy objects on top of them specially over the foot portion, since this could cause the foot portion to become deformed. Every so often you may want to lubricate them with a diver’s silicone spray or rubber protectant (Armor All), but never, what so ever use or expose your diver fins to any petroleum based product.

While in use, try to walk the least as possible with your fins on. You can put your fins on just before entering the water, and with practice you can learn to put them on when you are already in the water, about waist-deep. This is the activity that scratches and causes ware on the fins.

These are very simple recommendations that if you follow them, you should have years of enjoyment with your snorkel gear.

Source by Juan A. Soto

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