For Cancun real estate buyers, the main attraction to live here is the wide, beautiful beaches, warm weather, and high quality of life. Another clear benefits to choose living in this city is the effort made by municipal and state Governments to maintain and increase facilities for public activities; these types of investments provide a double benefit, often making life convenient for residents, and at the same time improving the quality of life for the working class population, preventing social problems, keeping the city safe and pleasant.

A recent example is a sports complex which was celebrated its grand opening at the end of August, 2010. At the celebration, the governor of the state of Quintana Roo (which includes Cancun, Playa del Carmen, Cozumel and Tulum) and the mayor of Cancun stressed the benefit which sports bring in health, education, security and development, contributing greatly to a better society.

Other sports related projects which have recently been completed in Cancun are the Olympic swimming pool, renovation of the ballpark "Beto vila" and football field "Andrs Quintana Roo", the rehabilitation of the regions and construction of sheltered basketball courts in various surrounding villages. One way in which Cancun's investment in sports has already been paying off has been the success of local athletes on a national level. During the most recent National Olympic games, this state ranked 13th, a huge improvement from five years before (2005) when the state ranked 34th.

A number of these projects show a direct benefit for expats living in Cancun, such as the new sports complex or Olympic pool, which are very accessible and good quality for their use.

However, the social benefit is also a necessary investment for Cancun real estateowners. As the mayor pointed out, "sports help to fight the vices of society and to keep children and young people from addiction," and other social problems. This means that the streets of Cancun will be safer and cleaner and the relationship between expats and the local working population will be healthier.

A number of expats in the Cancun area also choose to be involved in local sports programs. Involvement can take place in a number of ways:

  1. Direct team involvement. Whatever a casual adult team with monthly competitions, or a teman for the kids, these kinds of sports are a great way to get to know other members of the community (expat and locals) and see surrounding areas during travel for tournaments.
  2. Coaching . Ideal for retirees, or others who no longer participate in the sports actively, but have a good experience which they can share with kids. For someone who knows some Spanish, this is a great way to share with local kids, and be a good "neighborhood ambassador" for their country.
  3. Donation and Support. While some people do not play sports and do not know much about them, or are here on business and just do not have the time, financial or equipment donation for kids teams are a very necessary form of support. Fan-support is also welcome!

When considering life in Cancun, consider sports as a part of you relaxing beachfront lifestyle.

Source by Cindy Ader

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