The hurricane season can have a big impact on your ability to find cheap last minute cruise deals.

While it's certainly a scary thought to be done in the middle of a hurricane during a cruise, the reality is, this time of the year can present some amazing opportunities for cruisers looking for the cheapest possible deals.

The 2005 season was one of the worst on record for storms and with all the media publicity they receive, it's any wonder anyone will ever think about boarding a ship during this volatile time.

Popular destinations such as Cozumel and New Orleans are still feeling the effects of some violent storms yet cruise enthusiasts apparently are not being put off by sailing the high seas.

The Hurricane Season

The hurricane season usually runs from July 1-November 30 however, it's no real surprise to see this overlap in either direction. Finding a cheap last minute cruise deal during this time is not difficult at all.

In fact, not only can you usually get a spot on a ship at this time, but the mouth-watering prices on offer are hard to ignore.

There's no doubt the tumultuous seasons of 2004/05 may have put many people off the cruise ship idea at this time of the year but the pay-off is the last last minute cruise deals on offer.

Destinations such as the Bermuda, Bahamas and the Caribbean are too breathtaking to ignore at any time of the year.

Keep An Eye On The Weather!

Here's 4 tips to help you decide if cruising through the hurricane season is right for you.

1. Keep an eye on news broadcasts if you're in a position to get a last minute cruise deal and keep an eye on the potential for storms.

2. Have a flexible nature. If you book a cruise and it's in danger of being jeopardized by a storm, avoid the temptation of being disappointed. Know that this is sometimes possible during hurricane season.

3. Only book shore excursions through the cruise line. If shore excursions are canceled and you've booked outside the cruise line, then there could have been a chance you could have lost your initial deposit.

4. Delays can happen during this time so avoid making appointments which require you to be present during during the first 24 hours following the ship's return.

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