Let's face it, Cancun is a great vacation spot. Loaded with beautiful beaches, luxury resorts and more nightlife than most visitors can handle, Cancun has long been a favorite for travelers looking for an affordable vacation south of the border. That said, most travelers never make it out of "resort-city."

What I mean is that most travelers never experience any the vast number outdoor adventures awaiting them. For the most part, this is because many of the all-inclusive Cancun resorts and hotels have so much to offer that there's just never enough time.

Here are just a few of the many excursions available to Cancun visitors:

SCUBA Diving – While it's nice to see to the ocean from your hotel balcony, it's even better when you're swimming freely under the surface. From wreck and reef diving to cave explorations, Cancun offers every thing for every dive-enthusiast.

Mayan Ruins – Explore Mayan Ruins and learn about the history of Mexico by visiting one of the many archaeological tours available in and around Mexico. Do not worry, the concierge at your hotel will help you reserve a spot on tours going to just about any of these sites.

  • Coba – Learn about Mayan traditions and climb all 120 steps of the Nohoch Mul pyramid.
  • El Meco – Enjoy the view of Chacmochuc Lagoon from atop one of the tallest archaeological structures in Mexico.

Fishing – Cancun offers fantastic opportunities for sport fishing including year round fishing for shark, snapper and grouper. Charter a boat for a half or whole day of adventure.

With so much to do and so little time to do it in, plan your next Cancun vacation carefully. Just do not forget to save some time for a little rest and relaxation between adventure tours.

Source by Enid Glasgow

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