Wilma is willfully ready to wreak havoc and rock the record books. She makes the 2005 Hurricane Season the largest on record. And as she hits "CAT Five" Hurricane Status, she is headed to make a large withdrawal in her Offshore Grand Cayman Island Bank Account. Her rain bands are already causing serious flooding and she has already killed people, but she is just getting warmed for her trek into the Gulf Waters and the Cayman Islands are a mere speed bump in her path.

Have you visited Cancun or Cozumel this year yet; well too late now, as they are targets as Hurricane Wilma dips under the 900 mb low-pressure record of one of the best well-organized Hurricanes. She will hit the much dreaded category five status like Mega Hurricane Katrina and Super Hurricane Rita. Hurricane Wilma's eye is only four miles across that it is horrific to look at.

The winds started mild at not much more than 30-33 mph and then she became a tropical storm for two-days, then in only one day it went from a Category I Hurricane to a Category IV in less than 18-hours; In fact in only 7-hours she went from a Category one with a low pressure of 970 mb to a Category IV with winds of 150 mb and a low pressure are of 901 mb.

She joins only a dozen of the top Hurricanes ever recorded in the Atlantic Weather History with names like Hurricanes; Katrina, Rita, Andrew and Gilbert. It already looks as if Hurricane Wilma may the most powerful hurricanes ever. A landfall or near land fall in the Yucatan Peninsula will cause immunity damage, but will only temporarily slow down Wilma, she is packing a wallop and growing very large. Think on this.

Source by Lance Winslow

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