If one is looking for the perfect getaway, one place always comes to mind – the Caribbean. Contrary to what most people think, the Caribbean is not a country, instead, it is composed of a group of island found in the Caribbean Sea. The east coast of Mexico also considered as a part of Caribbean especially Cancun, Cozumel and Mayan Riviera.

The Caribbean has been named as one of the top destinations for family destinations specifically because it offers everything that a family vacation should have – sun, sand, water, friendly people and activities for different ages. The area is a favorite amongst tourists because it enjoys great weather the whole year round and provides a breath of fresh air for people who live in the colder areas, more commonly known as the "snow birds".

The Caribbean is composed of so many islands, and you only need to decide which island you should visit. Of course, each of these islands is unique and has its own history. Most of the island feature ruins of the communities of the original inhabitants in the island. As a matter of fact, the Mayan Riviera has ruins and archaeological sites which dates as far back as the Mayan and a lot of these are breathtaking even to lay people.

A must see in the Caribbean is the island of Guadeloupe which consist of the Grande Terre and Basse Terre. The island is known as a melting pot of different cultures – Creole, African and French. Guadeloupe is also famous for its beautiful beaches and resorts, inlets and most especially its rum!

A visit to St. Louis Thomas is also a treat and it famous especially to sailors and is considered as one of the yacht capitals in the world. Looking for a place where you can shop? St. Thomas is the answer to your problems. This should keep you busy for hours before you go back to your vacation homes in Caribbean. Of course, if you're in St. Louis Thomas, a visit to Charlotte Amalie, the capital of the island, is inevitable. Here, you can wine and dine in one of the many restaurants in the area before taking a stroll along the boardwalk. Of course if you want to stay up for the night, you can go to one of the many bars found near the coast.

The Barbados is also considered as one of the top Caribbean getaways because of its world class coral beaches, coconut plantations and tropical jungles. The Barbadians are also a wonderful set of people and not only friendly, but also accommodating and has a great sense of adventure. English is the first language in this area, making it one of the top choices for an exotic Caribbean adventure.

The Dominican Republic is a haven for inclusive resorts and is a favorite among tourists who area looking for not so pricey deals. When you visit here, it is a must that you go on a Jeep Safari and learn how to dance the Merengue

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