Number Nine – Hong Kong

Despite the recent political turmoil, Hong Kong still offers stunning cityscapes and a vibrant port of call on your round the world adventure. Many cruise lines dock in the brilliant harbor, best viewed at night, and Hong Kong provides the perfect starting point for cruises through China, Singapore and Thailand.

Number Eight – Ocean Crossings

Start your epic voyage with a visit to this bustling metropolis and enjoy a once in a lifetime experience. Usually sailing into New York with its iconic Statue of Liberty, what better way to start or end your round the world cruise with a stay over in the big apple?

Number Seven – The Scandinavian Fjords

Exploring the fjords of Norway by cruise ship is one of the best, and most affordable, ways to explore the region. Sail further north, and you might see the famous Northern Lights. Stops in Bergen and well worth it, and make sure to visit the Great Northern Fjords for stunning photo opportunities.

Number Six – The Panama Canal

The Panama Canal is arguably the world's most impressive feat of civil engineering to be found anywhere. Many world cruise lines will use the canal to connect transatlantic crossings to the Pacific Rim and beyond; giving you the opportunity to enjoy the stunning views and marvel at the ingenuity involved joining these two massive oceans. Just beware of the heat and humidity!

Number Five – Cruise the Caribbean

Most round the world cruises spend time in the Caribbean, featuring a fantastic array of beautiful tropical islands, each with their own unique flavor. Laid back, sumptuous beaches and great weather is commonplace. Barbados is the most common fixture due to the easy docking and great atmosphere, but Aruba offers more of a party destination.

Number Four – Mexico

Numerous cruise routes criss cross the coastline, which is covered with idyllic beaches and fascinating ports. Common stopping points include Cozumel, Baja and the Mexican Riviera. Cozumel near the Yucatan peninsula offers excellent scuba diving in its numerous underwater national parks and Baja boasts both stunning coastal scenery and cultural excursions.

Number Three – The Hawaiian Archipelago

Lush, warm climate, varied landscape, welcoming locales and guaranteed sunshine make Hawaii a must see destination on your world cruise. The larger islands Oahu and Maui offer great surfing and you might even see some whales and dolphins from your cabin.

Number Two – Alaska

If beaches are not your thing, get a world cruise that includes a visit to Alaska in the itinerary. Hugely photogenic, the majestic peaks and fjords offer breath-taking scenery and shore excursions offer some unique hiking, kayaking and whale watching opportunities.

Number One – Galapagos

Made famous by Charles Darwin, the Galapagos Islands are unique for their abundance of wildlife and amazing ecosystems. One for nature lovers, visiting the islands is a once in a lifetime experience, with numerous opportunities to see the native wildlife up close in small excursions. Weather can be variable so the best time of year to visit is usually April to May.

Whiche route you want to take on your round the world cruise adventure, there is a stunning array of ways to see the world in luxury and enjoy a truly ocean epic trip.

Source by MJ Campbell

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