You could use the $ 1500 resort credit to access some of the most interesting all inclusive vacations. One of the sponsors that you can turn to is the Palace Resorts Group. They are based on about 11 properties within the Cancun area. As part of the Isla Mujeres, they provide comfort at the highest levels of the catering industry. Within the vicinity is the Riviera Maya, the Playa del Carmen, the Riviera Nayarit and the other small units that form a wonderful conurbation for the seasoned tourist. Each room has a double Jacuzzi. Fine dining is the order of the day. There are delicious snacks that come as part of the package and you will be afforded some of the most luxurious facilities possible. The entertainment is world class and you are given access to wireless internet connections. All taxes and gratuities are included in the headline price.

Offers that go with all inclusive vacations

You may go on tour using the resort credit or attend the golf season. There are wedding packages that are complemented by the magnificent spa room. Upgrading is available on site for those travelers that have a use for it. The credit is available if you book three or four nights. The deadline for this offer is the 30th November 2010 and you must travel by 23rd December 2011. The Aventura Spa Palace is part of the promotion as well as the Riviera Maya and its Aventura Cove Palace. There are promotions for two children under the age of thirteen to stay for free at the Aventura Cove. The children are entitled to free meals as well.

Some people have opted to use the $ 1500 Resort Credit to cover green fees at the golf club. The Moon and Spa Golf course participates in this scheme as well as the Cana Bay Palace Golf Club. Up to $ 300 of the credit can be used to visit the famous beauty salon. Of course the services are subject to availability. Those visitors that are on a romantic weekend can use the credit for a dinner for up to $ 750. Wedding parties have been known to use the credit for the Precious Collection. Other people use it for telephone calls to USA and Canada. Recreational facilities that accept this card include swimming pools as well as snorkeling.

Other facilities in Cancun

You can enjoy all inclusive vacations through the Moon Palace facility or the Cancun Palace. The Sun Palace provides excellent services for couples. Alternately you might decide that the Beach Palace Wyndham Grand Resort is the best place to enjoy your holiday. Cozumel Palace provides a change in the atmosphere but it is still one of the most luxurious properties in the locality. All these offers are meant to test your resolve and give you the opportunity to enjoy prime attractions at all costs. You will find that there is plenty to enjoy on these trips. This is a trip of a lifetime and therefore there is no room for hesitation when making up your mind about it.

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