Are you planning for a vacation? Do you have ideas for cruising? If your answer to both questions is in the positive, then do not think twice. Just select a Caribbean cruise as your vacation destination. Easy to reach and the charming islands make the Caribbean a place for tropical climate lovers. The diversity of cultures in the Caribbean extends to what other few destinations in the world can provide.

Almost all the sails to the Caribbean islands start from south Florida, which has many ports and can house large cruise ships. The state is also very near to the Caribbean. Some of the Caribbean cruises combine South Florida and the Bahamas Islands because of the identical climate and similar attitude.

It is always advisable for you to confirm with your sail line and detect the packages offered by them. In reality the Caribbean stretches over an area of ​​2000 miles from Mexico in the northwest to the island of Barbados in the east. So it is obvious that almost all the cruise packages cover only part of the area. The Eastern Caribbean which covers the Smaller Antilles and Puerto Rico, the Southern Caribbean which covers the Dutch Antilles and the adjoining regions of South America, and the Western Caribbean which covers southeastern Mexico, Central America, and Jamaica are some of the usual cruise alternatives.

Needless to say each of the areas has its own attractions. The young travelers and the honeymooners like to visit the party environment of Jamaica, Cozumel or even Mexico. Those who want to relax in a calm atmosphere go in for Eastern Caribbean cruises. But do not forget to try the land expeditions because they would give you a memorable experience as well.

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