Snorkeling is the main water activity that most beach resorts offer. Sometimes the reefs are worth seeing and exploring; but, on other occasions snorkeling tours can become money-making scams that take tourist in water with zero visibility. Snorkeling trips are offered as an activity for the whole family. It can be a fun way to spend a day swimming and diving in the sea and discovering the underwater world. However, to really enjoy yourself, you should follow the next few tips.

Relax in the water

People who are not used to swimming in deep waters may be frightened of the depth, currents, waves and even the fish on their first trip. Breathing with the snorkeling gear is not the same as on dry land, so some find it difficult to relax in the water with the gear. Luckily, this fear is usually easy to overcome when one loosens up and starts breathing slowly. Once you are calm, it becomes easy to enjoy and discover the magical world under the surface.

Avoid sea sickness

Usually on a snorkeling trip, there's at least one person on a boat that suffers from sea sickness. If you think you might be sooner to this ailment, then you should take an anti-motion sickness tablet half an hour before stepping onto the boat. Once the boat is anchored at the snorkeling spot, the waves rock it and this is when people might become seasick. This is a common problem, but it's easily avoided if you are prepared.

Getting under the surface

All in all, snorkeling is not as bad as it may sound. It's actually a wonderful experience for the whole family. Swimming together with thousands of tropical fish, spotting big manta rays, jellyfish, sharks ( not the dangerous ones ), dolphins and lobsters can be an unforgetable experience. The best thing about this activity is that every snorkeling spot in the world is different – making each snorkeling trip unique.

Advice for the beginners

· Listen to the tour guide's instructions
· Do not panic and breathe slowly
· Bring a sun screen, towel and water to the boat
· Take an anti-motion fatigue pill (if needed) in advance. It does not help you if you're already feeling sick.
· Do not touch the coral with your hands or fins (Once damaged they're not renewable and you might also hurt yourself.)

There are thousands of snorkeling spots in the world. Snorkeling can be practiced in every sea, river and swimming pool. In continental USA, the only way of discovering a living coral reef is by snorkeling in Key West. If you are looking for a great adventure, these are the largest coral reefs in the world and the most trustworthy options:

1. Great Barrier Reef, Australia (1,600 miles / 2,600 kilometers)
2. Belize Barrier Reef, Belize (186 miles / 300 kilometers)
3. Florida Barrier Reef, USA (145 miles / 270 kilometers).

Juts go ahead and start exploring!

Source by Hanna Lassila

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