My excitation upon visiting to Mexico came at curiosity at first. But once I arrived at the airport, my mind became more open to exploration. Knowing that Mexico is the fifth largest country of America that was once colonized by Spain and considered as one of the largest tourism industries in the world, I am not remorseful in my decision to visit this country.

Mexico is teeming with lush forest, amazing species of flora and fauna. But tourist was mesmerized in the ancient Meso-American ruins, colonial cities and Mexico's popular Caribbean beaches. Imagine living in a tranquil place with a tropical paradise within its border. Along this rich natured location, Mexico accommodations are the greatest thing that made this country more popular as tourist spot.

The latest discovery in 2007 was Mexico's Yucatan Peninsula that has claimed its merit as the world's longest underground river which was estimated to be 95 miles long. In Yucatán Peninsula particularly the area running south from the resort city of Cancún, and on the north-eastern tip, along what is known as the Riviera Maya is said to be full of holes in large part because of the combination of porous limestone bedrock, rainforest cover and its relative flatness. In the west of the Yucatan peninsula lays the port city of Campeche. With its eye-catching baroque architecture and impressive number of museums, it offers a great example of Mexico's history and traditional culture away from the more developed destinations. However, Campeche still has all the vitality and amenities of a modern city center, from late-night bars to quality budget accommodation.

Moreover, Mexico has a world class resorts in Cancun, Playa del Carmen, Cozumel, Acapulco, and the Riviera Maya that offers a variety activities, cuisine, entertainment and warm amiability. Cancun is one of the most popular sun destinations of the world. They have extravagant night life, scuba diving, water sports, Jacuzzis, world class shopping, and the beautiful ancient Maya ruins. With this, I really considered Cancun as one of my favorite place in Mexico.

All Mexico accommodations [] offers a range of eminence hotels and resorts with secure online reservations and best rates. Another good thing was the availability of details on their in-room facilities and outdoor facilities in their vacation rental villas, apartments, beach condos, spas and retreats, ecological theme parks and camp grounds through Mexico.

My sojourn in Mexico is a treasured one. The country has plenty to offer to both adventurous travelers and holiday makers seeking a spot of relaxation in an affordable paradise. In my own stay, I have noticed that most of their accommodations have offer exceptional rates, excellent customer service and serene solitude of their place. Mexico's accommodations give you the choice from a budget place to hang around, to a mid-range hotel and even a luxurious place to stay.

From its ancient remains to popular resorts and bustling cities to unspoiled coastlines, Mexico is a traveler's paradise. With so many enthralling places to visit, the only question is where to head first!

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