Cunard cruises are one of the UK’s leading cruise lines and are renowned for their unfailing commitment to following the traditions of British sea travel.

As part of their consistent desire to develop and improve their onboard activities to attract new and repeat business, Cunard have created what they call their ‘Enrichment Programme’. The idea behind the programme is to add even more rewarding experiences to their guests holiday through providing a wide selection of fascinating lectures, classes, clubs and activities onboard their luxury five star cruise liners.

Cunard’s Enrichment programme has been carefully thought out and designed with the Cunard passenger profile in mind and is sure to delight guests as it will add such value to any cruise holiday. The schedule will vary from cruise to cruise, but whatever your itinerary or destination, there will inevitably be something to appeal to everyone.

Firstly, Cunard offer ‘Insights’ where passengers are offered the opportunity to listen to a variety of lectures from speakers who are at the forefront of their industry. The selection is wide ranging and includes the areas of history, science and politics and lecturers are invited who are novelists, explorers, ambassadors, actors, academics and film makers.

Planned for 2011 World Voyages are some fascinating topics, two of which are of interest to guests who like politics or aviation related topics.

Robin Oakley, a past political editor for the Times, CNN and BBC has a plethora of behind the curtains stories in his arsenal to share.

Ian Smith Senior training instructor for British Airways, has a long and distinctive career within the aviation industry, from the RAF (Royal Air Force) to a flight engineer on Boeing 707’s, at the height of Ian’s career flying Concord for 20 years, being involved in two round the world flights, one of which was a first for Concord a landing in Beijing.

For the book worms among us, a Cunard cruise could be the perfect holiday choice. Their Book Club invites guests to join in with discussions about various literature with fellow guests and specialists in the field and the selections, which will change up to four times a year, will closely reflect passengers’ interests. Meetings will take place in the beautiful Libraries onboard which the ship’s Librarian or a designated Hostess will summarise and lead talks on the subject matter.

A third addition to the Enrichment Programme is shortened versions of famous plays (edited to last no longer than an hour) performed by members of the legendary acting school RADA (Royal Academy of Dramatic Art) who have an exclusive relationship with the cruise line.

Next is the partnership with RAS (Royal Astronomical Society) who are involved with studying the solar system and all astronomy related subjects. Speakers from the society will offer the opportunity to learn all about the sky at night and will offer a fascinating insight.). Guests will even get the chance to star gaze from the top deck if the weather is appropriate.

Source by Ian Gilder

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