The weather in Glasgow in most cases varies differently from the weather you’ll experience while traveling through other parts of Scotland. Glasgow has the advantage of being positioned in the mild, southwestern part of Scotland which puts the city right in the path of the Gulf Stream as it passes over the warmer water of the Atlantic Ocean. The surrounding hills of the Clyde Valley also help shield Glasgow from the typically humid temperatures and conditions that normally are associated with Scotland throughout the course of the year. All of these factors combine to make the weather in Glasgow milder than other parts of the country.

Glasgow’s daily forecast during the months from March to May are typically for cool and mild weather. This is the time of year when the plants and trees around the city begin to bloom so any visitors to the city interested in gardening might want to plan their trips during this period. The summer in Glasgow starts in May and runs into September. During these months the weather slides from wet and mild to warm and sunny depending on how warm the winds of the Gulf Stream are as they travel west across the city.

If you’re looking to visit Glasgow when the weather is at its warmest than you might want to book your trip during the month of July. The coldest months are in December when the weather gets very wet as well. The record low for Glasgow was -4 Fahrenheit back in December of 1995. This isn’t the best time of year to be visiting Glasgow or any place in Scotland for that matter.

When the weather is windy and rainy in Glasgow things can be a bit cold but thanks to the Gulf Stream it’s never terrible for too long. This is also true during bouts of heavy snowfall as they typically melt away shortly after they hit the ground. Thanks to its weather, Glasgow is one of the mildest cities in all of Scotland and perfect for anyone looking for good conditions during a vacation.

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