When it comes to cruise destinations, the Caribbean is at the top as far as being on of the most sought after destinations. There are in excess of 50 islands that can be visited giving the tourist a really great variety of tropical and exotic scenery. As well as that, there thousands upon thousands of unspoiled beaches and crystal clear waters to cool off. The very fact there are so many islands makes it possible that you could go on a cruise each year and not have the same route making each cruise holiday different.

These following 4 Caribbean routes are usually the most commonly found:

Route #1: This is the Eastern Caribbean Cruise Route from Florida which sails to the Key West Sea the tropical Islands of the Bahamas and then to the neighboring Turks and Caicos Islands and to the Virgin Island including Puerto Rico. This route is the most popular cruise route among all the other Caribbean routes.

Route #2: The Western Caribbean Cruise Route. This starts from Louisiana, Texas and Florida toward the Western Caribbean Cruise routes touring the Yucatan Peninsula in Mexico. From there you stop over to the island of Cozumel and after that onward to Jamaica and then down to the Central American beauty spots of Honduras and Belize.

Route #3: The Southern Caribbean Cruise route. This starts from Puerto Rico’s main port at San Juan and goes to the Lesser Antilles and the Netherlands Antilles and Curacao finally ending up towards the west in the island of Aruba.

Route #4: The Long duration Caribbean cruise. This is basically a hybrid of all the above cruises. It can start and finish at any of the above routes taking all the above or a selection of those. For this reason it will be a longer lasting cruise which does not necessarily finish from the same destination it started from.

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