The Zuiderdam is a series of mid-size ships in Vista class of ships in the Holland America Line. Built in 2002 this was the first of the Vista class of ships. The four vessels in the Vista Class of ships are all representations of the four directions: Zuiderdam (south), Noordam (north), Oosterdam (east) and Westerdam (west). The differences between the Holland America Line vessels and those of other cruise lines is the unsurpassed service and luxury. I truly believe that one must experience this level of comfort at least once in a vacationing lifetime.

When boarding this Holland America Line vessel, the first thing that you will notice is the attention to detail in the decor of the ship. The Zuiderdam's atrium features a Waterford Crystal Seahorse which sets the mood for exquisite pieces of art to be seen through this elegant ship. At midship, each side features outdoor elevators which allows you a beautiful view of the ocean while you are in the elevator.

But the true beauty of this ship is its crew. Staff are attentive and polite, more so than on any other ship I have been on. The almost one staff member per two passengers ratio on board ship is the highest of the major cruise lines and it shows. If you require assistance, then assistance will be there. For me, the real elegant touch were the rolled cotton towels in the washrooms, instead of paper towels.

Having a gross tonnage of only 85,000, classifies this ship as a mid-size ship, but it is certainly big on elegance, service and class.

Source by Robert Deveau

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