More people are going on cruises. If you think that this is just for couples, think again because Disney World cruises promises to make this a fun filled vacation for the entire family.

Disney world cruises set sail to the Bahamas, the Caribbean and Mexico. Since these destinations are quite close to the mainland, most of these last for just a few days.

Most packages last 8 days and 7 nights with the first 3 days at the amusement park before you get to board the ship. Those who want to stay longer can avail either of the Mediterranean or transatlantic adventures as well.

Unlike other cruises liners, Disney World is quite new in the business and they only have 2 vessels. These are actually the Wonder and the Magic. Both of these have similar features and amenities on board that can hold 2400 guests each. There are plans to add two more ships to the fleet that can hold about 4,000 passengers by 2011 or 2012.

Each night on board one of these ships promise to be different because guests will experience a rotational dining system. This means you will get to eat in one of three dining rooms nightly while most only offer this in one large room.

Meals are already included in the package so the only thing you have to spend for will be drinks. You can avoid this by bringing some on board for the entire trip.

Since the large number of passengers, you will notice that the state rooms and suites are not cramp making it possible to hold 5 passengers.

There are many things to do on board and to help you out, they have counselors that plan games and other activities. For those who want to spend some time away from the kids, you can ask the crew to assign someone to babysit them.

Given the popularity of Disney World cruises, customers are advised to book their trip at least 6 months in advance. On the day of your departure, make sure you are there at least 2 hours before because they make it a point to leave on time. If you miss your boat, they will try to make arrangements for you to meet up at the port where the ship will be docking. Should there be weather problems, the trip will be rescheduled at a later date.

One thing you should keep in mind when you go for a Disney World cruise or any other is to bring your passport. You are leaving US territory and you have to show this to the customs agent when you make a port call.

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