With gorgeous landscapes and astonishing scenery, the Mayan Palace Riviera Maya is perfectly situated as a central area to other locations.

If you've been having a hard time deciding on whether to stay in Cancun or on Cozumel island, you can get to both in just 20 minutes all while staying at the exclusive Riviera Maya. There's nothing like getting more out of your vacation for the same price right?

Considered one of the most beautiful locations in Mexico, the Mayan Palace is surrounded by refreshing flowers, warm waters, and an ocean-mist breeze.

Your first steps into one of the units here will take your breath away. The spacious area, marble styled bathrooms, and colorful tone give a gracious, colorful setting for anyone who stays there. It's definitely a great way to spoil yourself and have an extremely relaxing weekend.

Once you're ready to venture out into their culture, Mexico has ancient ruins that stretch across the region leaving you with a sense of historic value never seen before. In fact, there are several other archaeological sites as well for those who enjoy unbelievable nostalgic atmospheres.

After you've enjoyed a few hours of educational value it'll be time to take on some adventurous activities during your stay.

It can all begin with the simple things like getting that tan on the beach and enjoying the ocean waters, but then it's time to take a dive.

Mexico offers some of the best scuba diving in the world with corals and a wide array of species. For those of you who are enjoying this for the first time, guided tours will be available with full training and gear.

You'll notice during your trip to the Mayan Palace Riviera Maya there are many water-based activities to try. Fishing, snorkeling, parasailing and windsurfing are just a few ways to enjoy your week in Mexico. However, when you're ready to come back to the land there is plenty of food prepared by chefs around the world waiting for you. Not to mention the various shops that deliver everything from clothes to souvenirs to necklaces and more.

There is so much to do in and around the Mayan Palace Wyndham Riviera Maya Resort the whole family will have plenty to enjoy. Then again if you're looking for a romantic getaway love will be in the air while you find secluded waterfalls, elegant evenings, and the chance to take a ferry over to Cozumel to experience it all.

Parties will be a a-plenty over in Cancun which is only forty-five minutes away, but the point is there's a little bit of everything wrapped up in the Mayan Palace.


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