When you think of a Caribbean cruise, crystal clear water, powdery white sand beaches and cloudless blue skies often springs to mind. The Caribbean can be split in to two sections with travelers often choosing to visit either the Western or Eastern end of the location as believe it or not, the coast of Mexico is over 2000 miles from some of the Caribbean islands.

Western Caribbean Cruises

Mexico is a favorite destination for many to visit whilst on a Caribbean cruise. If you are visiting Acapulco then you can expect one of Mexico's best beach resorts. Cozumel is the gateway to all of the Mayan history and the ideal port of call to see 'Chichen itza' – the Mayan Pyramids. Mazatlan offers a whole host of historic sites including a Moorish-style cathedral, and the Plazuela Machado square with quaint caf├ęs and theaters, or you can visit 'Museo de Arqueologia' which is an archaeological museum.

Jamaica offers everything from tropical gardens and rainforests to pristine white sand beaches and out-of-this-world snorkelling opportunities. The capital city, Kingston is a vibrant city and a popular port of call. Rich in life and culture, there is plenty to do here including exploring the Blue Mountains where you will be able to taste the infamous Jamaican coffee bean, pay tribute to the Jamaican legend Bob Marley, or even spend your day shopping in the bustling Kingston Markets .

Havana is the capital city of Cuba and a beautiful port of call. Havana boasts spectacular beaches, sparkling crystal clear waters and a romantic atmosphere. During your visit to Havana you can discover the Old Town of Havana with its fascinating history and architecture, visit the National Museum of Beautiful Arts of Cuba, or simply unwind amidst the glorious scenery of the Caribbean ocean on the Playas de Este beach.

Eastern Caribbean Cruises

When people picture a Caribbean cruise they tend to picture the Bahamas. The two main ports of the Bahamas are Nassau and Freeport. The city of Nassau is perfect for shopping in boutiques and sightseeing around the city. Freeport is where you can take part in active activities such as touring the national parks by bicycle or jeep, explore the coral reef with snorkelling and scuba diving or take part in swimming with dolphins – a favorite shore excursion for so many.

As one of the largest islands in the Eastern Caribbean, Puerto Rico offers untouched rainforests, quiet beaches and plenty of Caribbean culture to take in. The capital city, San Juan, is the perfect place to visit to soak up the islands Spanish colonial culture. You can take a tour around the city's famous landmarks including the 17th century fort of El Morro and no trip to the island would be complete without visiting the Bacardi Rum Distillery where you get the chance to take a fascinating tour to see how rum is made.

The Dominican Republic is an undiscovered island with a whole host of adventures yet to be discovered. Santa Domingo is the capital of the island and definitely a place worth exploring. With Old World Spanish architecture, a wander around the 'Colonial Town' is a must. Steeped in five centuries of history, you'll discover many original buildings here, including the 'Cathedral Santa Maria' – the very first cathedral in the Americas. La Romana is another popular port of call here and offers an extremely picturesque experience with palm trees, white sand beaches and crystal clear water. Home to the largest handmade cigar factory in the world – Tabacalera de Garcia certainly is a popular attraction.

It is true what they say, the Caribbean really is paradise on earth making it one of the most delicious after cruise destinations in the world and you can be sure that there is more to Caribbean cruises than you thought.

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