Costa Maya Real Estate is the newest, and in fact the last, up-and-coming beachfront market on the Mexican Caribbean, and the real estate prospects are closely related to the ever-growing tourism in the area. As tourism grows, more Americans, Canadians and other nationalities are taking interest in Mexico Land purchases in the area to build their dream home on the beachfront, in addition to other property types.

Costa Maya is the last stretch of beachfront on the Mexican Caribbean. At the north of the Caribbean Coast (about 4.5 hrs away) places like Cancun and Playa del Carmen have already grown as international favorites for both tourism and real estate. Tulum, with plans for a new international airport moving ahead, is also on its way to establishing a good deal of success.

One indication that tourism in Costa Maya is growing is the recent arrival of two of the largest cruise ships to the main town of the area, Mahahual. In early May, 2010, the Oasis of the Seas and Pacific Dream, brought an "incomparable" amount of income (as one Mexican journalist put it) to the south of the Mexican Caribbean.

The Oasis of the Seas is, in fact, the largest cruise ship in the world and bought more than 8,600 passengers to Costa Maya. The same ship is lined up to visit the island of Cozumel next, another established cruise tourism and real estate market in the area. The ship spanned more than 300 yards of the Mahahual pier, giving an amazing view, even more so for the few hours in which it shared the dock with the Pacific Dream, a Pullman Tour ship that brought more than 3000 passengers. That's a total of more than 10,000 visitors!

For tourists arriving to the Costa Maya area, there are many archeological sites, lagoons, the world-famous Meso-American reef for diving and spectacular beaches. It is expected that in the near feature, the south of the Mexican Caribbean will continue to attract cruise arrivals and other visitors, consolidating the area's reputation.

The relatively light tourism which the area has already attracted has brought a variety of foreigners who enjoy the quiet, relaxed and laid-back lifestyle of Costa Maya. Beside beachfront land for building, there are also beautiful Mexico Homes and condos available, both in town, and out along the beachfront.

Costa Maya is currently the last part of the Mexican Caribbean to be "discovered" by American and Canadian property buyers; come, discover it for yourself, and consider making it your new home.

Source by Thomas Luis Lloyd

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