Going to Mexico every year is one of the best ways to unwind. Going to the city of Cancun is even better. With all of the excursions available it can sometimes be hard to decide which ones to go on. The decision being made even harder by the time constraints of only having a week or two of vacation.

After going to Mexico for the past 7 years and going on different adventures, I would like to put my two cents in about one of them. This is probably one of the best times I, my girlfriend and two other couples that were with us have had.

The excursion was called Captain Hook. It is based on the movie series Pirates Of The Caribbean.

One thing you definitely want to do is make sure you get on the black pearl ship. This ship is the one that has a guy playing captain hook. He is very funny and entertaining. His first mate was a little person (midget) who was himself very funny. One of my friends at one point started yelling "the plane, the plain", a little reference to the old tv series fantasy island. He had everyone on the ship laughing.

This is not only an entertaining night but also a good meal. The food is cooked over wood charcoal. The steaks are excellent. My friends say the seafood was great too. I do not eat sea food. They take people in groups and you go below deck to eat.

At one point the staff took all the kids to the front of the ship for a treasure and scavenger hunt. We had an 8 year old and a 3 year old with us. The kids had a blast doing this. While this was going on the adults played a few interesting games that implied some consumption of liquid refreshments.

There are more than one ship. Towards the end of the night, the two ships pull up alongside each other. Then one ship (the pirate staff) boards the other ship for a show of sword fighting with real swords. Then they switch as to give the people on both ships a show. The kids absolutely loved this.

The whole night was a blast and I would highly recommend you try it out if you can find the time. Adults as well as the children will have a great time.

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