Weddings and honeymoons abroad can provide the perfect epilogue to your engagement. I believe that travel abroad is the best way to get a marriage off on the right foot; it's amazing how much of a fresh perspective one gets when they remove themselves from their day to day situation. While abroad, you face a different set of challenges, challenges will help strengthen and define your marriage for years to come from.

Having said that, I'd like to offer some recommendations to those looking for weddings and honeymoons abroad:

Thailand. This was a big part of our honeymoon in Southeast Asia. It is one of the most beautiful countries, with high mountain passes in the north, and breathtaking beaches in the south. If you, like many newlyweds, are running on a shoestring budget, Thailand offers more value than most; in fact, budget conscious couples can live on thirty to forty dollars a day if they travel slowly. My wife and I arrived in Bangkok, and journeyed south to Koh Samui for the diving. After three weeks of snorkeling, diving, and watching some truly gorgeous sunsets, we headed north to Chiang Mai, then off to spend the next ten days trekking in the mountains. I can not recommend Thailand very much enough for weddings and honeymoons (or any trip abroad, for that matter).

Mexico. Many Americans go for the warm ocean waters of Mexico for their honeymoons. Cancun is always a popular choice, but is way too touristy for my taste. If you are into diving, Cozumel is a beautiful alternative to Cancun, with more locals, great diving, and countless places to party. If you're looking for more relaxation than adventure, this is the place for you.

Hawaii. These islands in the Pacific have been an oasis for travelers for decades. There's something to be said for the Hawaiian lifestyle; studies have shown Hawaiians live on average two more years than any other American. For those of you looking to visit, I recommend two islands in particular: Oahu, home to the infamous Waikiki beach, and Maui, which is better suited to folks looking to lounge about, catch some rays, and maybe do some swimming, If you 're looking for nightlife, Waikiki is the place to go.

These three destinations are all great places for weddings and honeymoons abroad.

Source by Adam Costa

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