Playa del Carmen is only one of the four Caribbean getaways in Riviera Maya. It is popular for its white sand beaches and blue waters.

It is a perfect getaway for couples and families. It is a good place to get away from the busy city life. One would see relaxing scenic views, enjoy the archaeological sites and avail of the services and amenities of resorts and villages. What you can do in Playa del Carmen Riviera are snorkeling, scuba diving, and cenote diving, which is commonly known as underwater cave diving.

Tourism in Playa del Carmen Riviera

What used to be a fishing town, Playa del Carmen's tourism started with a ferry service to Cozumel. The Riviera is a relaxing place to get away from the city of Cancun and is also perfect for scuba diving and water exploration. It has one of the great white beaches in Riviera Maya.

Playa, as what it is often called, is the core of what Riviera Maya is all about. Its area runs from southern part of Cancun to Tulum. It also has the Sian Ka'an reserve. The area in del Carmen Riviera is where most cruise ships stops, docking at the Calica docking port located south of the city.

Aside from its wonderful beaches and the ports of cruise ships, Playa also sets its tourists activities at the Fifth Avenue, which is a street from calle 1 to calle 34. This is a place that gives life and fun to the city of Playa. Here, vacationers would see various shops, restaurants, bars, boutiques, and hotels.

Important Events in Playa

The government and community of Playa del Carmen Riviera have preserved its well-known fishing environment and artists' colony without having to be as tourist dependent as Cancun. It passed an ordinance that most buildings should have a maximum of 3 stories only. Neverheless, this this move for conservation, it continues to develop and expand into a place where most vacationers would rather go away from the busy life in the larger city. Currently, Playa has expanded all the way to the other end of highway 307. Likewise, a real estate property was developed called Playacar, which is a tourist and residential area. This is where new exclusive hotels, golf courses, and aviary are found.

Surviving the Hurricane

Sometime 2005 in the month of October, Playa del Carmen hit Hurricane Wilma. Although the damage was not as significant as that of Cancun, this natural disaster had caused significant decrease in tourism activity in the city. Whatever kind of damages the city sustained, it was only a matter of a few weeks of concerted efforts of the community and the government that the city was completely repaired. To date, the place has been fully recovered and tourists have come from all over to spend the holidays and warm seasons in Playa. Aside from these evidence of renewal and great development, Playa Riviera is expanding its real estate business, offering rental and ownership opportunities of properties both for tourists and locals alike.

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