Xcaret in Riviera Maya is one of the most beautiful destinations in the world. With its unique natural beauty and diverse habitat, this place has become a hot favorite for people from around the world. If you are looking for a destination, you should visit this incredible place.

There is no other destination like Xcaret in Riviera Maya, Mexico, with the beautiful rivers of Yucatan Peninsula that emerge from within the ground. When you are there, you can swim with the dolphins in one of the subterranean rivers. It was once a port for the departure to Cozumel and now has been transformed into a Eco-archaeological theme park. If you want to explore the biological life at its best and in a natural state, you should visit the mystical place. Here, you will learn the deepest mysteries of the Maya world and have an experience of a lifetime.

Snorkeling Paradise

The must go for activity at Xcaret is the swim in the underground water. Everyone can participate in this adventurous activity given the fact that she / he can swim. You will have a unique experience swimming the waters that are below the ground. When one says underground, you think dark and scary but that is not the case. There are tunnels in some places but you will find lights all along. Do not forget to take the life jackets. The place gets crowded frequently and if you feel any uneasiness due to the rush, get out of the water quickly. From around the world, plenty of tourists flock to the area to get engaged in one of a kind water activity. If you are the kind who likes the calmness of the nature, this is not the place for you.

Other Activities

There are many other activities to take part in Xcaret float tubes, scuba diving, encounter dolphins, deep diving in the warn lagoon and walk around the jungle trails. A very exciting activity is taking a boat ride in the river. It is a slow ride that offers picturesque views of the area. Surrounded by dense jungles, many archaeological sites, flora, fauna and marine life, this place is a paradise. You will find a habitat for giant turtles and manatees in lagoon. Do not forget to visit the Tropical Reef aquarium and the Butterfly Pavilion. In the Jaguar Island, you will be thrilled to see the jaguars and pumas. You should also visit the Mayan Archaeological Sites where you will see ruins as well as recreated Mayan villages.

Xcaret Nightlife

The end to your day at the Xcaret Theme Park will be grand with the exemplary night show that takes place at the Gran Tlachco Theater. It is a spectacular production that should not be missed. The most amazing musical performances, ball game, dances and others will keep you entertained. Two ball games, one of them is ancient Mayan ball game and other is the native Michoacan ball game. Both of these will keep you on the edge of your seats through out the game and you will be amazed by the skills of the players. This ball game is a Mayan ritual representing the battle between the good and the evil.

You will see the many colors of Mexican traditions during the night show at the theme park. A number of artists will take you on an exciting journey through the incredible history of the Mayan culture. You will be entertained with famous mariachi songs and regional dance performances. This wonderful trip to the Xcaret Eco- archaeological Theme park comes to an end with the spectacular night show.

Where To Stay?

Xcaret is one of the most spectacular places on Earth and when you are there, make sure you stay at a place that is close to all the action. Contact a travel agency that provides with the best package deals. Some agencies offer packages that include stay at luxurious resorts that offer amenities such as spa visits, yacht rides, golfing, sightseeing excursions and others which are all included in the package. Do some online research and find travel agencies that are involved in timeshare promotions and offer them at reasonable prices.

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