The sport of baseball has an undeniably storied history in Mexico and throughout the Latin American region. Now, the city of Cancun has its own way to celebrate this exciting tradition. Since 2007, the famous Quintana Roo Tigers – one of the top teams in Mexican League baseball – have called Cancun home. From their stadium in downtown Cancun, the Tigers welcome locals and visitors alike to their regular summer games. Known as one of the best family-friendly entertainment values in Cancun, baseball games with the Quintana Roo Tigers also offer a great way for travelers to experience a unique piece of Mexico’s sporting culture.

Founded in 1955, the Tigers baseball team played for 50 years in the Yucatan city of Mérida. The Tigers won the Mexican League championship in their first season and quickly developed a reputation as one of the country’s most formidable sports teams. Between 1960 and 2005, the Tigers won eight more Mexican League championships, exhibiting dominance similar to the New York Yankees in the United States. In 2005, the Tigers’ 50th anniversary season, the team won its ninth overall championship with a roster featuring only Mexican-born players, a feat that was heralded as a national triumph. Two years later, the Tigers left Mérida for Cancún and began playing in Beto Avila Stadium located in the heart of the downtown district. This year, celebrating their third full season in Cancun as the Quintana Roo Tigers, the team will play more than 50 home games between March 26 and July 30.

In addition to providing a glimpse at one of Mexico’s most celebrated baseball teams, Tigers home games also offer one of the best entertainment values in Cancun. Tickets to all games at Beto Avila Stadium range from 20 to 80 pesos (approximately $1.40 to $5.50). While the tickets are certainly a value compared to sporting events in the United States, tourists can also enjoy a vast array of Mexican snacks and drinks, most items priced under 20 pesos. Additionally, the bus service that runs through both the Hotel Zone and downtown Cancun stops just a short walk from the stadium in the heart of a popular shopping area. Those staying in the Hotel Zone can also take taxis to Beto Avila Stadium for a modest rate. The Quintana Roo Tigers play in Cancun throughout the summer at 8 PM during the week and 6 PM on the weekends.

Though the Quintana Roo Tigers have only played in Cancun for a few short seasons, the team and its host city are prepared to welcome this year’s Mexican League All-Star Game. Like its American Major League counterpart, the Mexican League All-Star Game features a number of special games, exhibitions and events over the course of a mid-summer weekend. The game will attract plenty of names known to die-hard baseball fans, as well as many players that have spent time in Major League Baseball and played for international teams in the World Baseball Classic. The Mexican League All-Star Game is viewed as an important national event in Mexico, so tourists visiting Cancun during this time will encounter a little extra excitement in the city. The Mexican League All-Star Game will be held at Beto Avila Stadium and surrounding sites from June 5-7.  

As one of Cancun’s newest summer traditions, games with the Quintana Roo Tigers offer travelers one of the best ways to experience local culture in a family-friendly environment. Furthermore, as Beto Avila Stadium is conveniently located in downtown Cancun – a great destination for authentic local cuisine and unique independent stores – travelers can explore the area by day and enjoy one of the world’s favorite pastimes by night.

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