Mexico is at the southern extremity of North America and is bordered to the north by the USA. With 26 UNESCO-declared world heritage sites, charming colonial towns and dozens of thrilling cities, there’s so much to explore in this country of 109 million. Mexico’s geological features vary from swamp to desert and from tropical lowland jungle to high alpine vegetation. The topography is very diverse, and the climate reflects this fact.

Mexico is rich in history, tradition and culture, Mexico is made up of 32 states and one federal district. It is the third largest country in Latin America, containing almost 2 million square kilometers and largest population of Spanish speakers in the world approximately 100 million. Since World War II, Mexico’s population has greatly increased.

Citizens of Mexico highly value their nation, independence and community. Their culture is a composite of influences handed down by countless civilizations. The majority of the Mexican population speaks Spanish, the official national language. Family remains among the most important elements in Mexican society, both in private and public life. Mexican people are usually friendly and helpful. They almost always return a greeting, and usually with a smile.

Mexico is very friendly nation and it’s easy to get around. One doesn’t have to be an expert in Mexican way of life to be respectful and courteous and have an enjoyable visit in this beautiful country.

Mexico’s economy is driven by tourism, industrial production, oil and gas production, textiles and clothing, and agriculture. Americans visit Mexico more frequently than any other country in the world.

Mexico offers a wide variety of exceptional dining opportunities. Any type of food is available, and in the better restaurants, the food preparation, presentation and service are among the best in the world. Learn a little Spanish so you cannot limit yourself to English speaking dining establishments where your choices will be more restricted, and the prices will be higher generally.

One can find a great variety of Mexico accommodations Mexican hotel companies provide a home away from home for the corporate and leisure traveler. It is a good idea to make your hotel reservations before leaving for your trip because you may be expecting business services and amenities such as in-room Internet.

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