Mauritius is an exotic island well nestled along the Indian Ocean and what is called the African coastline. It measures 1,860 square kms, with a population of about 12 million people and it’s easily accessible. It’s one of the greatest tourist attraction places to getaway to. The people are warm and welcoming and they love preserving their culture. The beaches are will give your back a soothing touch as you sun bathe under the cool coral reef.

Mauritius is blessed with mountains and beautiful landscapes. It’s also well endorsed in flora and that covers most of the islands’ interior and blends well with the sandy coastal region forming a photo scenic landscape. The capital city of the coastal country is called Port Louis and also offers a good view of the towering mountains. There is clear indication that you won’t feel bored. The weather is usually warm and the sea is very calm throughout the year.

Mauritians love preserving their culture and that why Mahatma Gandhi Institute is found in the town of Moka and it was especially founded to preserve and promote Mauritian Indian culture. Since there are numerous cultures being hosted around and a lot of multinational residents, the country celebrates a lot of holidays. Holidays here are deeply rooted and happen in between months. There is a holiday that comes every December and January known as the Teemedee. It’s done by the Hindus and Tamils in honor of their gods. Air Mauritius flies to this country so don’t worry how you will get to there.

Source by Dickson A Wambugu

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