A fascinating haven with boundless delights, Sentosa Island offers a multitude of attractions with infinite entertainment for its visitors. Located just fifteen minutes from the city, Sentosa is synonymous with Singapore entertainment and is a complying paradise filled with sunny beaches, bountiful attractions, sea sports and impressive recreational facilities. Before being converted into the present themed attraction, the island was a fishing village referred to as Pulau Blakang Mati and was strangely used as a British military fortress. Today it has become the foremost island resort of Singapore offering a fusion of entertainment for all ages.

For an assortment of fun filled activities, the Imbiah Lookout is the ultimate attraction with many distinct landmarks such as the Butterfly Park and Insect Kingdom, Sky Tower, The Merlion, and Images of Singapore. The imposition model of the Merlion which is a recurring symbol in Singapore will be an interesting encounter with panoramic views while the Butterfly Park and Insect Kingdom will be a cherished family session with up to 3000 diverse species in an enchanting lush environment. At Dolphin Lagoon, the interactive encounters with intelligent Indo-Pacific Humpback dolphins will leave you with many wonderful memories. A one of a kind marine experience is in store at the amazing Underwater World with fun filled encounters with starfish, stingrays, eels and a cluster of many other amazing sea creatures.

For all nature enthusiasts, The Nature Walk which is a winding journey through secondary rainforest adorned with diverse flora and fauna will be an irresistible solace while Dragon Trail, Mount Imbiah, Nature Walks and Southern Islands will offer similar expeditions.

At the Palawan known as Singapore's happiest family beach, you can reach the Southernmost Point of Continental Asia through a suspension bridge or simply enjoy the marvels of Animal and Bird Encounters. a romantic getaway while Siloso Beach is ideal for beach volleyball fanatics and it is also ample with dining and shopping outlets. There are many hotels in Singapore near the alluring Sentosa Island for visitors to conveniently access this amazing destination.

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