When one says thank you, who benefits? Do you benefit, or does the person that you said thank you to benefit? Its an interesting thought. I know when I say thank you, its a genuine heartfelt thanks that when delivered with the genuine intent of being thankful, the receiving party knows well well, that the thanks is literal and genuine.

When was the last time that you said thank you to your closest friend, spouse, child, or in-law, if you should have one? Do you remember what it feels like to be stuck with another people genuine thanks, can you remember the last time you felt that?

Break that cycle today, be thankful for everything that is around you, be thankful that you have a sunny blue day, be thankful that you have a starry night. Be thankful that you have influences around you in the form of friends, co-workers, family etc. Be certain to say thank you to each of them for being a friend, you do not have to give an example of what your thankful for, just say thanks for being in my life.

I know that this will feel strange at first, but does not change start off awkward until it becomes a daily practice? Yes indeed, change does! Change knows no direction or opinion, change does not know positive or negative influence, it is your perception, and your activation or acceptance of change that makes the positive or negative connotation.

Being thankful in all of our daily lives is a basic and root starting to adjusting our philosophies on life in general, and what is even better, is being thankful generates positive effects no matter what your doing in your daily life. You will find that just being thankful, will allow your mind to create positive thoughts which will present themselves in your actions, and further will present a difference in the circle of friends, co-workers, family and others that you associate with.

You will see relatively quickly that the major friends you have will adjust and respond to your positive attitude, and consequently friends that do not adjust, will fall by the wayside. This does not mean that they will disappear all together, however they will just not find much in common with you.

Is that good or is that bad ?. In my opinion, I think this is a time where a friend that falls by the way side is going to find themselves not thankful for much at all, since the rejection of your all empowerment positive attitude directed firmly in being thankful.

Sometimes, the people that were once close to you, but have internally rejected your positive attitude will find themselves, and start being a little thankful, just to try it, and sure enough, there is no doubt whatever, that they will once again return to your circle of friends. Displaying an attitude of pure positive. Make sure that your thankfulness never runs out, everyday no matter what dilemmas, troubles, etc should face you, just remember to be thankful in absolutely everything that you do in your life, from the cat that crosses your path in the morning, to the cable bill that just arrived in the mail.

Be thankful that you are here, to learn from those around you, and that you indeed have seen another day!

Thank you for reading this, I am very excited that you know something that you can use daily, with a forecast of success that costs you no money and just a few minutes to practice daily!

Source by RB Wiseman

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