You've seen it in movies, read it in books, heard it in love songs. But No matter how vexingly happy break-up stories get, they're just things you can not get enough because because in one way or another, we've all experienced the same kind of heartaches. A song can fittingly express what you feel for your ex, or a movie can coincidentally become the Hollywood version of your romantic flick with Mr. Hottie, which also ended as quickly as you gulped down that Margarita.

Everyone has her own breakup story-from the funniest to the down right most terrifying of all; from the lame breakup excuses to setting a deadline in completely forgetting about him. But no matter how composed or complicated parting ways with your exes were, there are four things that are always present in a breakup situation.

Welcome to the Stages of Breaking Up.

The first out of all the stages of breaking up is the cold shoulder. This is when your sizzling hot romance becomes cold as crushed ice. The boyfriend is not as sweet as he was before, and he seems to be avoiding you most of the time. Stage 1 means that there's a problem in your relationship. Take immediate action!

The second stage of breaking up is the crash down. Need I say more?

When all hurtful words and closure thing-a-majigs have transpired, enter third stage of breaking up the walling stage. Let it all out, girl. Cry your heart out, write poems if you have to. Watch chick flicks and indulge in your favorite dessert. Just let all the frustrations bottled up inside you go and out the window.

The last but most anticipated stage of breaking up is moving on. When you've exhausted every effort to forget him and carry on with your life, you'll easily realize that, yes, you've learned much from your past relationship, but it's not worth staying miserable for the rest of your life.

Source by Marissa K. Archer

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