Kill fear or else. In another words, do you feel like you are locked in a straight jacket? I mean are you trying to break out of your rut, but for some reason, you just seem to be standing still. Be glad to know that you are not alone. I am right there with you.

It's like this, I am chugging along, when suddenly out of nowhere, fear, doubt and anxiety begins to cloud my vision and I am left feeling frustrated, beat, and scarred. How come?

The Beast, Mr. Fear, is the culprit. He is doing a number on us and now, Mr. Fear seems to be winning. The results of his victories leave us with worry, frustration, and unfinished projects and goals. In another words, we are stuck in a looser mode and we have allowed Fear to short change us. So you can understand, why we have to "Kill the Beast" and kill fear.

There has to be an answer to this dilemma right? Well, there is. Relax, give it up for the future, and rest assured it is not over til the fat lady sings. Here's a tool that will give you promise and hope. Maxwell Maltz has written a book, Psycho-Cybernetics 2000, that hits the nail right on the head. Maltz shows you exactly how to "kill the Beast" and kill fear.

Maltz demonstrates in plain down to earth language exactly how to stop being a victim of fear and start living the life you have always dreamed. In another words, he goes right to the source of the problem, your subconscious mind.

In simple step by step descriptions, Maltz lets you know how simple it is to get a handle on your fears which are sabotaging your well meant actions.

Here is a very down to earth example of how Maxwell Maltz'z book can help you. Better yet, this is a personal battle I have with criticism. In another words, I have a tendency to get very annoyed, when someone criticizes me. Like who does not?

Well, if you are seeking the path of wisdom, this negative trait can be self defeating. Firstly, if you are a "can do" kind of person that is eager and adventurous for embarking on new ventures and horizons, you are inevitably going to be goofing up. Then you can expect criticism of your actions from someone. It's just comes with the territory.

So what is the answer? You can crawl back in your hole where it is safe and avoid criticism or you can face up to your weaknesses and errors and learn from your mistakes and move on.

Do not misunderstand me. I personally have gone nuts when I have received criticism. I knew I needed to find a way to stop this self-defeating behavior. People who follow the path of wisdom embrace criticism. This is the way to gain knowledge and learn.

Fortunately, I discovered Maxwell Waltz. Here is an interesting insight for you. I discovered Maltz in the 1960's. But you know what? It took me 45 years before I was ready to benefit from his knowledge.
Why? How come so long? The answer is simple. I did not have the necessary self-knowledge required to take advantage of his insights.

If you are smart and on the ball, you will take Maxwell Maltz's advice and "Kill the Beast". Do not look for this term in his book because you will not find it. That, Kill the Beast, is my particular term I applied to mastering fear. Yes, it is good to kill fear.

The basic mechanisms of Psycho-Cybernetics goes like this: The specific fear or block which is giving you trouble probably originated when you were a child. Most likely, it came from an authority figure like your parent, teacher or whomever.

Maltz's focus is helping people eliminate this self-defeating fear or block. And here is how you go about it. You use your conscious mind to correct the fear or negative tape that is playing in your subconscious. This is the way you kill fear.

The method uses systematic Imagineering, which retrains your subconscious. Read the book and get a new life for yourself and kill fear. cheers

Source by Jack Marinchek

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