I was talking to someone this week about the little voices in your head – you know the ones who say you can not do that, not good enough, and call you names. I have always called them gremlins (mine was called Gertrude), and strive to shut them up – with relative success.

Suddenly, it popped into my head that 'Mr Worry' was working in conjunction with 'Mr Busy' in my life at the moment, and 'Little Miss Giggles' was being pushed into the background. I loved the Mr Men books as a kid (and now too!) And this analogy really entertained me. It also occurred to me that this could actually be quite useful.

Rather than dismissing my gremlin as constantly trying to threaten me, I could see what was behind my negative thoughts. For example, I was thinking recently about getting involved in a project for which I had little experience, but intense amounts of enthusiasm. 'Mr Impossible' and 'Little Miss Positive' have pushed me ahead with the project.

(Okay, for the more observant amongst you, one of these is not a Roger Hargreaves' character – but let's improvise!)) 'Mr Worry' and 'Little Miss Shy' were horrified by this development and were yelling and screaming in the background of my mind – telling me I could not do it, I would fail spectacularly, let people down, blah blah blah.

I had been dismissing these thoughts as my 'gremlin' under me, but when I thought about it in terms of the 'Little Misses and Mr Men', I could see that it was actually a bit of me that needed a bit of reassurance . When I got this reassurance, these 'characters' quitted down naturally.

The same as stress, negative thoughts are a sign that something needs looking at. Negative thoughts may be a sign that you need to stop thinking negatively, or a sign that you need more care from yourself … or both. By naming the negative thoughts, you can get a feel of what's behind them – is it Mr Grumble (who just wants to moan), or is it Mr Jelly (who is scared).

Once you've named them, you can decide the appropriate action – ignore Mr Grumble and reassurance Mr Jelly. So, what 'Mr Men and Little Misses' can you identify this week, and what are you going to do about them? Love from 'Little Miss Sunshine'.

Source by Donna Higton

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